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iJAG – Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduates

Modeling safety gear from QC Safety

Mr. Nicholas Youngblood, iJAG Education Specialist, brought 25 Davenport Central High School 11th/12th grade students to explore the Interactive Learning Lab.

iJAG is a premier nonprofit organization connecting business and education to provide the most cost-effective dropout prevention and school-to-career solutions in Iowa.

Students in the iJAG program have trouble succeeding in a conventional classroom because of distractions and barriers at home, outside the classroom, or even inside the classroom. Relying on real-world, project-based instructional methods and an unconventional approach to personal connections with students, the iJAG teaching specialists work within conventional learning environments to help remove barriers. They show students how to achieve the next step of their career or education.

At the Lab, the students put on their “wind turbine engineers and technician hats” when they conducted experiments with our KidWind®  experiment kits. We discussed jobs in technology and

watched videos of technicians, engineers, and computer operators sharing about their careers. The students worked with electricity experiments and learned they now had some of the basic skills to enter into a career of an electrician if they choose!

Mr. Youngblood reported back that his students were very excited to come to the Lab and will be returning.  We look forward to seeing them all again!

Future Wind Turbine Engineers


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240 Wood Intermediate School students tour ATEEC and the Putnam Museum!!

Thank you

The ATEEC Interactive Learning Lab partnered with the Putnam Museum to host 240 students from Wood Intermediate School. The students were divided into four rotating groups. Three groups toured the Putnam and spent time in every exhibit area including the mummy display in Unearthing Ancient Egypt, and watched “Tornado Alley” in the National Geographic Giant Screen. While at ATEEC, the fourth group of students toured the Wind, Solar, Biodiesel, and Green House exhibits, and then spent time as budding wind turbine engineers.

Mike Schulte, their 7th grade science teacher, worked very hard to coordinate this trip with all of the teachers, organized the bussing, and set up the schedules with the Putnam Museum and ATEEC. “The students were totally enthralled with the learning! The trip was a great example of how hands-on learning engages and ignites student curiosity,” said Mike. Thank you to Mike and all the teachers who helped for all your hard work to make this day happen for your students!!

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