Enter the ATEEC Interactive Learning Lab and you’ll find out about the fundamentals of energy, how it works, and technologies that are being innovated to improve efficiency.

The Quad Cities’ very own energy lab, open to the public or by appointment. The lab staff can customize learning sessions for students to teach them about energy and new technologies.

Our wind turbine nacelle is almost life-sized. Sit inside our nacelle theater and learn about wind power.

Learn about solar power at our lab. Did you know Iowa is well suited for solar power? Join us to learn more.

Enhance your knowledge by testing different blade configurations. The shape and angle of a wind turbine’s blades have a huge impact on how much energy it produces. Can you design a blade?

At the lab, we encourage exploration and learning. Best of all, our admission is free.

Have you ever wondered about geothermal power? Learn how it works in a residential home or commercial business.

Our interactive Green House allows you to make decisions about the home that affect its efficiency. Come explore our innovative learning station.

From the deep fryer come those tasty french fries, but did you know it can also generate diesel fuel for transportation? Learn all about it in our lab.

All of our learning stations allow for tactile learning. ATEEC believes in learning by doing and we make it fun at the Interactive Learning Lab!

Master Conservationists hold class at ATEEC!!

Nahant Marsh and Iowa State University Extension co-sponsored a new program, “Iowa Master Conservationist–Planting the seeds of conservation in Iowa.” The program uses field experiences and classroom training to cover a broad range of conservation issues and topics. These experiences help Iowans make informed, intelligent choices for a lifestyle of stewardship. This six-month course held […]

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ATEEC Interactive Learning Lab Helps Teachers Bring Sustainable Energy into the Classroom

Eleven science and math teachers from Iowa and Illinois participated in ENERGIZE STUDENTS! Bringing Sustainable Energy into the Classroom. This five-day workshop was held at the ATEEC Interactive Learning Lab and the Blong Technology Center in Davenport, Iowa from July 9-13, 2012. Sponsored by the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust, the workshop helped facilitate the incorporation […]

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