Arrowhead Ranch Students Tour ATEEC!

Wind Machine

Arrowhead Ranch students lit up the Interactive Learning Lab in January! Twenty-one students toured the Lab and worked diligently studying the exhibits and answering all the questions in the Scavenger Hunt.
After “learning” their way through the energy exhibits by asking very intelligent questions…stumping the Lab staff at times…it was time for a video in the Nacelle Mini Theater. A video about Wind Farms, graciously given to ATEEC from Mid-American Energy, was a big hit!
We ended our time together in the classroom discussing jobs in the renewable energy arena and watching videos of workers who talked about their professions.
Some of the answers students gave to the question “What did you learn today?” are:
“How wind turbines work and what is in the nacelle.”
“We need to start saving energy!”
“Energy means more than I thought it did!”
“That renewable energy is an important step toward our futures.”

Researching Careers

“We learned how to make biodiesel fuel.”
“How big wind turbines are and how they make electricity.”
“I didn’t know there were so many jobs in the energy field.”
“I want to be a welder.”
“I want to climb a wind turbine and become a technician.”
Upon leaving, each student shook our hand and thanked us for having them tour ATEEC.
Thank YOU, Arrowhead Ranch students, for a wonderful day. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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