Master Conservationists hold class at ATEEC!!

Wind Turbine Blade Design

Nahant Marsh and Iowa State University Extension co-sponsored a new program, “Iowa Master Conservationist–Planting the seeds of conservation in Iowa.” The program uses field experiences and classroom training to cover a broad range of conservation issues and topics. These experiences help Iowans make informed, intelligent choices for a lifestyle of stewardship. This six-month course held its final workshop, “Energy Use and Waste Reduction,” here at ATEEC. Participants learned about the basics of electricity, solar, biodiesel, and wind energy.

If you would like to learn more about the Iowa Master Conservationist program, contact Brian Ritter,  Education Facilitator Nahant Marsh, at

If your organization would like to hold a meeting or class in the Interactive Learning Lab, please contact  We would love to host your group!!



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