Slinky Scientific Shindig


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Product Description

Target Audience: 6th grade and up

Description: 1 kit includes 32 Slinkys. Using the popular toy, Slinky, this curriculum is designed to teach youth about various properties of physics.

Format: Each of the three activities can be completed during a 45-60 minute class
period. The curriculum includes the Slinkys needed for each activity.

Activity 1: Racing Slinkys
Youth will learn about the creation of the slinky and its history as well as
be able to define “inertia,” “gravity,” “potential energy,” and “kinetic
energy.” Youth will also demonstrate each of these by having their slinky
“walk” down a set of stairs or a ramp.

Activity 2: Slinky Waves
Youth will define “longitudinal waves” and “transverse waves,” and then
use their Slinkys to demonstrate each of these concepts.

Activity 3: Slinky and Centrifugal Force
Youth will be able to define “centrifugal force,” and then demonstrate this
concept using their Slinkys.

The Slinky Scientific Shindig curriculum and the activity kit can be borrowed for one

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