SolarDrive II Solar Car and Inventor’s kit


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Product Description

Deluxe Solar Car and Inventor’s kit

Invent, design and build solar-electric machines with the 2.0 volt solar panel, electric motor, pulleys, gears, axles, wheels, and propeller included in this kit.

Bushings fit onto motor shaft and to the interior of any of the three sizes of pulleys (1″, 1-1/2″, 2″) or five sizes of gears (10, 20, 30, 40, 50-toothed) to give a wide variety of solar drives.

Incorporate re-cycled materials. Screw eyes and tubing pieces hold wooden dowel axle-shafts onto almost any material at any angle. Experiment with different gear ratios and pulley combinations, as well as different drive mechanisms.

SolarDrive II solar car and invention kitSolar Drives possible with this kit

Included in the kit:
2.0 Volt x 500 mAmp solar panel, motor, motor shaft bushings, two motor clips, five different linear-toothed gears, worm gear, three sizes of pulleys, o-ring tires, propeller, CD-hubs, axles, assorted wood blocks and dowel, tubing, elastic bands, brass washers, AA battery holder, screw eyes, velcro, sandpaper and all parts, with instructions and suggestions.


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