SolarDrive Solar Car and Inventor’s Kit


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Product Description

SolarDrive Solar Car and Inventor’s Kit

Build several designs of solar cars, and experiment with different sized pulleys. The pulleys, drive-tires, shafts and motor bushings (which fit onto the motor shaft and into the hub of any size pulley) provide the imaginative student with opportunities to construct various solar-driven machines. Screw eye axle-holders and wooden dowel axles allow axle-shafts to be mounted onto most materials at any angle. The solar panel and motor are easily detachable for further experimentation.

Included in this kit:

  • 1.5 volt, 500 mAmp solar panel with alligator clip test leads.
  • Solar motor, red pulley-wheels, o-ring tires, and all parts.
  • Instructions with pictures, techniques and suggestions.


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